HM-S150 wet wipe machine (Roll type)

HM-S150 wet wipe machine (Roll type)

Main technical parameter: 

1.Voltage: Three phase 380V 50HZ 

2。Power: 3KW 

3.Production speed: 0-110meters/min 

4.Raw material size: 1500mm (max)×¢1000mm(width×dia) 

5.Maximum size of wet tissue roll: Φ150 mm (max diameter) 

6。Hole-punched length: 100-300mm 

7。Counting way: Quantity can designed as you。 

8。Products Application: disinfection wet wipes, make-up wet tissues, clean sing wet wipes。 

正规彩票app9.Suitable raw material: Spun lace non woven 

10.Raw material weight: 40-80 g/m2 

11。Machine size:3700X2500X1600 mm(L×W×H) 

12.Machine Weight: 1500kg 


1.Science design, structure compact, convenient to operate and maintain. 

2.Mainly parts from China national brand. 

3.Safety protection : Urgent stop system. Parts protection cover

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