HM-ZD1280A&HM-BZ3060 Full automatic high efficiency wet wipe folding and packaging machine (30-120 pcs per pack)

HM-ZD1280A&HM-BZ3060 Full automatic high efficiency wet wipe folding and packaging machine (30-120 pcs per pack)

Main technical parameter:

1。Voltage: Three phase 380V 50HZ

2.Power: 20KW

3.Production speed: 2400-4800 sheets/min 25-50 bags/min (80 pcs/bag)

4.Raw material size: 1500×¢1000mm (width×dia)

5.Wet wipe unfold size: (140-250)X(180-220) mm (L×W),adjustable

6.Wet wipe folded size:(mm):(140-250)X(90-110)mm(L×W) ,adjustable

7.Folding way:“Z”

8.Products Application:disinfection wet wipes, make-up wet tissues, cleansing wet wipes.

9.Suitable raw material: Spun lace non woven

10.Raw material weight: 40-80 g/m2

11.Packing film size:400 max×¢350mm (width×dia)

12。Size of sticker: 70(max)×¢300mm (width×dia)

13.Packaging size: (140-280)X(90-110)X(30-80)mm,adjustable

正规彩票app14。Packing film: PE&PET OPP&PE

15。Machine size:16800X4000X2100 mm(L×W×H)

正规彩票app16.Steel stainless agitate tank:400L

17。Machine Weight: 10300kg 


1.Science design, structure compact, convenient to operate and maintain. 

2.Wipe wetting system: single piece spray and second assembled spray. 

3。Liquid-adding system including agitating equipment, adding-water equipment, recycling equipment, adjustable quantitative water。 

4.Raw materials cutting system: Length adjustable 

5.Photo-electric detection. machine stop automatically without spun lace non woven. 

6。Packing type: reciprocating horizontal sealing, with machine packing fork, and optional airplane style device。 

正规彩票app7.Position adjustment: hole position, label position, packaging film feeding position, color label position ,all could be adjusted by touching screen. 

正规彩票app8。Raw materials cutting system: blade pushed by cylinder。 

9.Labeling system: double labels, synchronous working and close one or two all could be chosen.10.Printing system: ink wheel printer, printing production date and batch number 

11。Packing: size adjustable  

12。Mainly parts:Folding machine: Japan Mitsubishi             Packing machine: Japan Omron 

13.Safety protection : Urgent stop system. Parts protection cover 

14。PLC Controlling system, monitor system 

15.Machine controlling system: PLC system, touching screen, electric circuit control, power control, temperature control etc aided control.

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